Employee safety should be a top priority in any company. Apart from the obvious pain and suffering with worker deaths and injuries, workers who are injured on the job could sue a company for financial damages. Injuries may make them less productive when they return to work. It is important that employers effectively communicate safety standards to every employee, and train them properly.

Work gloves play a critical role in workplace safety, providing workers with the protection they need to perform their duties safely and efficiently.

In addition, work gloves are available in a range of styles and sizes, making it possible to find the right gloves for any job. They are also equipped with features that make them comfortable to wear, such as breathable liners and flexible materials, ensuring that workers can wear them for extended periods of time without discomfort.

SAFER GRIP by OPNBAR™️  is part of the SCS International brand and product line and makes quality safety tools and some of the best work gloves to assist operators in productivity while promoting workplace safety.

Work gloves are essential protective gear for anyone who works with their hands, whether it be in an industrial, construction, or manual labor setting.

If you work in a field that requires the use of your hands, or you participate in activities that require you to have a strong grip, then you know how important it is to have the right gloves. Safer Grip gloves are an essential piece of protective gear for people who work in construction, agriculture, mechanics, and many other industries. They also come in handy for sports such as weightlifting, golfing, and rock climbing.

Benefits of Grip Gloves

Safer Grip gloves provide many benefits to the wearer, including:

Enhanced grip: Grip gloves are designed to provide a non-slip surface, which helps the wearer to have a stronger grip on tools, equipment, and other objects.

Protection: Grip gloves protect the wearer’s hands from cuts, abrasions, and punctures. They also offer protection against extreme temperatures, chemicals, and other hazardous substances.

Comfort: Grip gloves are often made with materials that offer a high level of comfort and breathability. They can help to reduce hand fatigue and prevent blisters.

Increased productivity: By providing a better grip and protecting the wearer’s hands, grip gloves can help to increase productivity by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

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Safer Grip by OPNBar™️ are ideal work gloves for all-day use for light manufacturing, warehouse operators, and for use in maintenance areas.

Our new and improved Safer Grip nitrile coated gloves by OPNBar are ideal multi-purpose work gloves for various applications like trucking and delivery, warehouses, maintenance areas, light manufacturing and carpentry. They are also great for gardening, and various outdoor activities that require grip in wet conditions, like boating, fishing, hiking, and biking.

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Multipurpose Gloves with Grip, Nitrile Coated, Touchscreen - SAFER GRIP by OPNBar Brand - Large (1-Pack): Ideal go-to daily work gloves right out the box! The Nitrile Coating provides excellent grip, the breathable Micro-Foam is comfortable to touch providing a light wearing yet snug convenient fit that doesn’t impede circulation or restrict movement.Great price for a quality product that is Latex Free, Machine Washable and Touchscreen Compatible! I received my pair on perfect condition. They’re designed to be multi purpose and recommend them as your ideal go-to work gloves right out the box.
Customer 532
Customer 532
Multipurpose Gloves with Grip, N