Best Spray in Bed Liner

Spray-in bed liners are durable liners that are sprayed on to preserve and protect your truck bed, rig, under-carriage or the interior of your truck trailer or shipping container.  There are hundreds of applications.  They are constructed from polyurethane and polyurea, which adheres undeviatingly to the truck’s cargo area.

Spray-in liners will not drop out or slip as your truck moves. When installed accurately, they also obstruct water, dirt and other environmental elements from harming your truck bed. Most bed liners have a gritty consistency to them, to inhibit objects from displacing or slipping around in your truck bed.

When it comes to choosing the best spray in bed liner for your truck, there are numerous bed liner companies to consider. However, the top manufacturer Armorthane typically comes to mind for most people.

ArmorThane, virtually indestructable

ArmorThane is the counterpart of Rhino Linings, and users consider it to be indestructible. Even in very unrelenting weather, movement within the truck bed with an ArmorThane spray-in liner is practically nonexistent.

Tests show that even after spilling materials such as oil and lacquer thinner on this bed lining, no damage was visible.

Reviews online also assert that if you want to choose a spray in bed liner that would last your whole life, ArmorThane is the best choice. Customers of the liner say that nothing gets through this liner and no scratches are seen after many years.