Is it Required to Wear Gloves While Doing Construction Work?

If you are walking along with a construction site, you will be able to see that all the construction workers are wearing gloves. Do you know why that is? It is because construction workers are supposed to wear gloves so as to protect them from a variety of injuries.

On a construction site, there are a lot of ways a worker can get hurt or injured. From scrap metals, loose nails, or any splinter can easily injure a naked hand and can harm a worker very easily.

Roofing Gloves

Roofing Gloves

A construction site is a place filled with dangerous substances and objects, it is waiting to injure someone. But if you are a worker wearing the proper gear for construction, you will be safe and won’t have to end up in a hospital, or maybe worse.

Some Of The Reasons Why Gloves Are Worn

The reason some people blatantly avoid wearing gloves for their own safety is maybe because of sheer ignorance or the lack of care for their own safety and security.

While there are many reasons why gloves should be worn at all times by every construction worker, here are some that are mentioned below.


Lacerations are not only a mere hand injury but due to a lot of chemical components that can be found in a construction site, these chemicals can be even more harmful than just a mere hand cut.

Injuries due to chemical injuries are hazardous to construction workers but can be found on many construction sites. Lacerations are like abrasions, and skin wounds, but they can lead to blunt trauma.

Continuous Wear

Although light knit gloves are not a very good cut resistant as they are for thicker knit gloves. Which are easily worn by workers to gain a bit more touch sensitivity and flexibility to perform better at their work.

Gloves that are coated with natural rubber, nitrile, PVC, or even polyurethane, are highly popular among construction workers. Because these things help for better gripping and sensitive touch.

Oil Grip

Normally gloves are coated with porous polymer foam and nitrile sponge. This is because the porous polymer coating on these gloves helps the workers by providing them with a better grip on any oily or slippery substance which is not possible with bare hands.

And this grip prevents the workers from dropping any slippery object and injuring themselves on the way.

Cut Resistance

Often gloves with sponge Nitrile coating and a cut-resistant lining on them like that of Kevlar, are known to offer both cut resistance and oily grip. These are the type of gloves construction workers wear before handling sheet metal, or any other material that should be handled with great care and can injure your hands.

While handling things such as razor blades or metal of some sort, cut-resistant gloves should be worn by construction workers at all times.


Durability is a very important characteristic feature of a glove to have. For any worker, the gloves they wear should be very durable in nature and should not tear off easily.

The gloves should have an extra layer of polymer or even polyurethane-coated nylon to give the glove an extra effect of durability and long-lasting effect. Light weight and comfortable wear.

No Excuse To Be Barehanded

With all the advancements that have been going on to make gloves more protective and durable for construction workers, there is no excuse for workers not to wear gloves for their own safety.

Not wearing gloves can lead to many injuries such as lacerations, cuts, blisters, and many more which can even be considered very serious in nature. These construction workers should properly be trained before they are allowed to start working. Due to a lack of training and experience, injuries are very likely to happen anyway.

According to statistics:

  1. About more than 110,000 cases of hand injury cases occur each year, which causes workers to miss out on working days and in turn lose money.
  2. More than over 1,000,000 workers visit the hospital every year due to some kind of a hand injury.
  3. About 70%  of these said injuries are caused by not wearing gloves and about 30% of the injuries are because of wearing gloves that do not fit properly.


It is obvious to point out that gloves are there to protect the construction workers from sustaining any serious injuries while they are working on the field.

With wearing the right glove, it is also important that the glove fit your hand properly and well. “Fits like a glove” should be the mantra here. A properly fitted glove affects a lot in your job.

So it is better to wear safety gloves while you are on a construction site as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Employee safety should be a top priority in any company. Apart from the obvious pain and suffering with worker deaths and injuries, workers who are injured on the job could sue a company for financial damages. Injuries may make them less productive when they return to work. It is important that employers effectively communicate safety standards to every employee, and train them properly.

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