Shipping Container International Inc. Reaches Milestone of Serving over One Hundred Major Trucking Companies

Whittier, CA – (October 31, 2017) – Shipping Container International Inc., a trucking safety company servicing safety departments, warehouses, and the dismountable shipping cargo container transportation industries (including railroad and harbor operations), is pleased to announce its recent milestone of having served over one hundred Fortune 100 and 500 companies combined.

The company’s marquee product, called OPNBar, is used to help prevent trucking injuries, such as strains and sprains, a common injury that makes up 50% of injuries in the trucking industry, the highest injury prone profession in the world.  41% of workman’s compensable claims are the result of strains and sprains to the neck, back and upper extremity (shoulders, elbows, hands/wrists).  

OPNBar’s main function is to help open/close hard to open/close shipping container doors, which often results in strains and sprains on the wrist due to operators often using unconventional methods to open truck trailer doors.  The tool also serves as a 5th Wheel Release Handle for releasing a tractor from its trailer as well as a tire beater/thumper, to help quickly check tire pressure, two functions which also serve to help prevent trucking injuries or disasters.  Reaching to release the 5th Wheel Hook often results in strains and sprains due to poor posture and positioning to reach under truck trailers, while a study in 2009 found that 57% of vehicles with tire-pressure monitoring systems had unproperly inflated tires. A video demonstrating the tool can be found here:

In Washington State alone, workman’s comp claims in the trucking industry were so high that the state began an initiative for preventing on the job trucking injuries.  The initiative is called the TIRES Initiative and works with industry leaders, safety and health professionals, employers, drivers, warehouse and dock workers, and many others to develop educational materials that identify hazards and provide low-cost, simple solutions to prevent injuries.  In 2017, the country of Australia is also experiencing its own share of high workman’s comp claims with a large number also being due to strains and sprains.

Workman’s comp claims cost US businesses alone $1 Billion dollars per week. 1 in 4 injuries are caused by overexertion.  For the trucking industry, at an average cost of $26,000 per workman’s comp claim, and an average of 184 lost work days per claim, totalling around $107 million and 576,000 lost work days per year on average, it pays to equip employees with the proper tools to help prevent injuries.

Brian Beam, Managing Partner of Shipping Container International, stated, “On behalf of our partners, we’re pleased to have reached this milestone and thank all those who have supported us along the way.  We’re especially grateful to Amazon, who helped jumpstart our business and currently uses our product in over 100 warehouses in the United States.  We are excited for some of the new products we have in store and even more enthusiastic about helping to save truckers from injuries.  We are also thrilled about helping trucking and insurance companies save some significant money and focus on what’s important, their businesses.”

About Shipping Container Safety International

Did you know that trucking, cargo, warehouse, and insurance companies lose billions of dollars a year due to operator injury? Studies show that 50% of all trucking injuries are due to sprains and strains.  To help offset these unwanted expenses the company created OPNBar, a 3 in 1 shipping container safety leverage tool, tire thumper, and 5th wheel release hook.

The concept of Shipping Container Safety International’s marquee product, “OPNBar“, was created to solve the issue of opening shipping container doors, in addition to other safety functions. Over time, container doors become difficult to open as a result of exposure to frigid conditions, oceanic transport, or simple wear and tear. Not only did the company find the shipping containers difficult to open for most operators, it was also discovered that many operators have been exposed and are prone to injury. A lot research and trial testing has been performed to create OPNBar. The company believes that it has created the most efficient and well made product of its kind.

Shipping Container Safety International is a company that will continue to make quality safety tools to assist Shipping Container Operators. The purpose of these products will always be to assist operators in productivity while promoting workplace safety.

Shipping Container Safety International would like to thank the following and more for their support and helping us to reach this milestone: