All Terrain Solid Tyres for Industrial and Construction Vehicles

How much does it cost to stop an industrial activity because of a vehicle flat tyre? Nowadays this kind of question shouldn’t be even asked, as there solutions like solid tyres.

They are airless tyres, designed to withstand everything that would usually cause a flat tyre, such as nails, sharp metal objects, glass or thorns. A puncture free solution, ideal for industrial vehicles.

Another key factor for ensuring an interrupted and high performance is stability, which can be obtained by using proper all terrain tyres according to the surface. In case the vehicle operates on a soil of varying surface, all terrain tyres represent the best solution.

All terrain and solid tyres to cover all needs

Do your vehicles work on wet soil, on mud or on very rough terrain? The best way to be covered under any, even unpredictable, event is to equip your machineries with all terrain tyres.

All terrain tyres can guarantee excellent wet traction (including snow), on and off-road brilliant performance, maximum stability; they are, therefore, versatile, being great on rugged off-road terrain and able to provide a smooth, quiet highway commute.

Solid tyres are punctures and blowouts proof, so they can reduce maintenance and optimize the working time.

Solid tyres are also widely use in the industrial field, especially for forklifts. If you need to choose between pneumatic and solid tyres for you vehicle, here is a comparison of their feature:

  • Pneumatic: air filled, for indoor and outdoor use, designed for smooth and rough surfaces, not puncture proof
  • Solid: solid rubber, for indoor and outdoor use, designed for smooth surfaces only, puncture proof

Solid tyres are more expensive than pneumatic ones but they can guarantee a longer lifespan.